Section 8 company

A Section 8 company is a non-profit organization in India, promoting charitable activities. It enjoys tax exemptions and limits dividends. Key features include social welfare, no profit distribution, and legal compliance.

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    Terms & Condition*

    • Total payment may vary depending on government fees and the entity of the company.
    • Downtime on the government portal may cause work delays.
    • Documents should be appropriate as per the requirements.
    • Documents must be provided in time to avoid delay.
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Widely Known As Section-8 Companies, These Organizations Are Registered Under The Section-8 Of Companies Act 2013. These Companies Intend To Promote Art, Commerce, Sports, Safety, Science, Research, Healthcare, Social Welfare, Religion, Protection Of The Environment, Etc. The Main Object Of These Companies Ensure The Promotion Of Above-Mentioned Fields, Provided The Profit Is Used For Promoting Only Objects Of The Company (Sec 8(1)(B)). Sec 8 (1) (C) States The Prohibition Of Payment Of Any Dividend To Its Members. Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Administers And Maintains The Rules And Regulations Through ROC In All Of The States Of India.

  • Profit Or Income Of The Section 8 Company Cannot Be Used For Any Object Other Than Those Mentioned In Its MOA.
  • Distribution Of Profits Or Declaration Of Dividend To Its Members Is Prohibited
  • No Member Can Be Appointed As An Office Of The Company With Any Remuneration.
  • Its Income Is Taxed At The Same Rates As Other Companies
  • A Section 8 Company Cannot Alter The Provisions Of Its MOA And AOA Except With The Previous Approval Of The Central Government.

  • No Minimum Share Capital Requirement
  • Easy Transfer Of Ownership
  • Tax Benefits
  • No Stamp Duty
  • Clear Objectives For Easy Donations And Loans
  • Easy To Manage
  • Exemptions And Privileges Under Companies Act, 2013
  • Relaxation In Compliances