GST Registration

GST registration is mandatory for businesses with a specified turnover to comply with tax regulations. It ensures legal compliance, facilitates seamless tax collection, and allows businesses to claim input tax credits. Registration enables businesses to operate legally, fosters transparency, and streamlines the taxation process.

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Any business or individual involved in the supply of goods or services in India with an annual turnover above the prescribed threshold limit must register for GST. The threshold limit varies depending on the type of business and its location.

You can determine if your business needs to register for GST by checking its annual turnover. If your turnover exceeds the threshold limit specified by the GST authorities, which is ₹40 lakhs for most businesses (₹20 lakhs for businesses in special category states), registration is mandatory. Additionally, certain categories of businesses, regardless of turnover, must register for GST, such as inter-state suppliers, e-commerce operators, and businesses liable to pay reverse charge.

  • Ineligibility to collect GST from customers, resulting in higher costs for the business.
  • Inability to claim input tax credit on purchases, leading to reduced profitability.
  • Penalties and fines imposed by the GST authorities for non-compliance.
  • Legal proceedings and restrictions on business activities until GST registration is obtained.

GST registration provides a legal identity to businesses for collecting tax from customers and claiming input tax credit on purchases. It involves obtaining a unique GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) which is used for all transactions under the GST regime. Registered businesses are required to file regular GST returns providing details of their sales and purchases.