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Add & Remove Director" typically refers to the process of appointing or dismissing a director within a company or organization. This involves making changes to the leadership team, affecting decision-making and overall corporate governance. Key aspects include board dynamics, corporate strategy, and organizational structure. Effective handling is crucial for corporate success and compliance.

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Adding or removing a director from a company refers to the process of appointing new directors to the board of directors or terminating the directorship of existing directors, respectively. Directors play a crucial role in managing the affairs of the company and making strategic decisions on behalf of shareholders.

Directors may be added to a company to bring in new expertise, diversify skills, or meet regulatory requirements. Conversely, directors may be removed due to resignation, retirement, disqualification, or underperformance. Additionally, changes in ownership, strategic direction, or corporate governance may necessitate changes to the composition of the board of directors.

Adding or removing directors involves legal obligations and compliance requirements under corporate law. It is essential to adhere to procedural formalities, such as board resolutions, filing of forms with regulatory authorities, and updating corporate records, to ensure the validity and legality of director appointments or removals. Non-compliance may lead to legal challenges or regulatory sanctions.

Removing a director usually requires following the procedures outlined in the company's Articles of Association or relevant provisions of corporate law. This may involve convening a board meeting to pass a resolution for the removal of the director, providing the director with an opportunity to be heard, and filing required forms with the ROC to notify the removal.