Nidhi Company

A Nidhi company is a type of non-banking financial institution in India that facilitates mutual benefit among its members, providing a platform for savings and lending. It operates on the principle of mutual trust, making it an essential financial entity for community-based financial services and microfinance.

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    Terms & Condition*

    • Total payment may vary depending on government fees and the entity of the company.
    • Downtime on the government portal may cause work delays.
    • Documents should be appropriate as per the requirements.
    • Documents must be provided in time to avoid delay.
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A Nidhi Company Is A Public Limited Company Which Is Formed With A Sole Purpose Of Accepting Deposit And Lending Money Only To Its Members. It Is Also An Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Which Has Been Exempted From The Provisions Of RBI.

  • A Nidhi Company That Has To Be Incorporated Under This Act Shall Be A Public Company
  • It Must Have A Minimum Paid Up Equity Share Capital Of Rs.5,00,000/-
  • There Will Be No Issuances Of Preference Shares. If Such Shares Had Already Been Issued By A Nidhi Company Before Commencement Of This Act, Such Preference Shares Are To Be Redeemed In Accordance With The Terms Of Issue Of Such Shares
  • The Objective Of Such A Firm Would Be To Imbibe In The Members A Habit Of Thrift And Saving And The Services Would Only Be Restricted To Its Members.
  • The Name Must Have Nidhi Limited

  • Can Accept Deposits
  • Less Capital Required
  • Base To Establish NBFC
  • Best To Finance Business

  • Cannot Run Micro Finance
  • More Restriction On Business
  • Cannot Invest In Any Company
  • No Advertisement Allowed